Special Needs Playground*
Our story

My name is Samantha Furco. I am 21 years old and am currently taking on a huge project. When I was 17 I saw a little boy that was not able to play on the playground. He sat and watched his younger brother and friends play. Why was he not able to play? He was in a wheelchair. The playground that we were at did not accomodate wheelchairs. There was not anything on the playground for the boy to do. I knew something needed to be done. I went home that night and started strategizing. I told everyone I knew about the idea, and everyone shrugged me off. Finally, I got the strength up to write to the local paper. It was about 2 in the morning and I started writing. I sent the letter that night and the next day I recieved an email back from a guy name Jon. He wanted to do a story and set up and interview with me. When I got that email I knew that this was coming true. After the article was out, the town supervisor came forward and asked me to attend a board meeting. I attened the board meeting with all my plans and books in hand. They offered to donate a peice of land for the playground if I could raise the money. I instantly started fundraising and am currently at $56,000. My goal is $100,000 so the playground can actually built and installed, as well as the surfacing and the wheelchair accessible swing. This is why we need everyone's help in making this dream become a reality!

This is the current sign at the location where the playground is going to be built.
Updated pictures coming soon!

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